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howdy everyone

Commisions are on hold for a while. I have accepted a project from the local Japenese Culture and Anime club so i will be busy with that for a while.
Still though, i wanted to expand on natat-tia and the mutant squad a bit more so here is what ive dreamt up. 

Natat-Tia description

 At initial inscription she was inarguably the most normal of the various members of the squad. In fact, she could almost have been described as the perfect soldier. Fast, strong, unmarred by mutation, initially it wasn’t clear why she was in mutie squad at all. She would also often wear her hair in a large braid to prevent it from cluttering her eyesight in battle. However as time passed on and the number of battles mutie squad saw grew, she also grew in size and power. It has been very subtle, but she is a full eight inches taller than 3 years ago, and nearly 200 pounds heavier (all of the extra weight being muscle.)Her shoulders have also broadened out considerably, meaning she no longer wears her customary braid as she can no longer reach over her own shoulders to perform the rather complex maneuver of braiding one’s own hair. When asked why she hasn’t simply cut it short, she responds by saying she likes showing off. Other changes have begun to manifest as well. Already skilled in melee combat, her instinctive ease when navigating a battlefield has skyrocketed to the point where she almost appears to be dancing across a clear path instead of careening across a field of blood soaked blades and roaring gunfire . However, she is unable to get fully used to the way her new body works, and despite hours now spent at the regiments firing range she lacks the wondrous precision she had in early years with ranged weaponry. So much so that she in fact no longer uses her trusty lasgun, but rather totes around a cumbersome ripper gun and an oversized chainsword nearly as large as an Eviscerator.

From her youth she bears a close relationship with the sergeant and Lavinia, and is actually engaged in romantic relations with Gallaton, to the bafflement of everyone else in the regiment. For Lavinia this is especially frustrating as she is otherwise considerably more successful with men, and it is a constant issue that the one person she would truly want to be with has already chosen her old childhood friend. It is also normally highly illegal, but the officers seem to have turned a blind eye to the matter.

Her initial training was as a storm trooper, but various matters including but not limited to her induction into mutie squad have put paid to that. Continuous studies of her by the inquisitor Amber Luaryn Stehle have hinted that her musculature will continue to increase in size as her combat experience and social standing improve.

Currently she is doing some work as a model from time to time when the pictcasters aren’t ignoring her. She is used as a part of an ogryn “Morale improvement” video. Upon meeting her most declare her both the prettiest and smartest ogryn they have ever seen. Still odd for most, but ironically this means that even though she has gone through some of the most traumatic changes within the group, she is still viewed as the “normal” one .

Descripton: Lavinia

At initial glance, from a distance, with bad lighting, she would pass for a normal human. Nothing about her height or build would really mark her out as different. However, under normal conditions it is hard to ignore her nearly pearl white skin. Her hands are slightly oversized, with gaps at the knuckles that hint at a powerful internal musculature. Her irises are also a peculiar and hypnotizing shade of yellow that flashes red as her blood is roused. Her pupils can also dilate to an alarming degree, taking up nearly the entirety of her socket at times.  When this happens the pupil tends to breach the iris, meaning when the lights are turned back on to full her eyes tend to be a mixture of red and yellow with no whites for a few minutes afterwords.

Much like Natat-Tia, she was a childhood friend of the sergeants, (though how exactly they met and under what circumstances they became friends is a mystery) and is thought to be the one to have convinced him to lead the squad rather than remain on Perlia to one day become planetary governor. Thus it is to her immense displeasure that the sergeant seems to have chosen Natat-Tia over her, and is a point of constant contention. Especially since, as a general rule, most men find her irresistible.

This is because, perhaps more than anything else, Lavinia is best described as a perilous beauty. It is no mistake to call her the most beautiful woman in the regiment. But it is the terrible beauty of a bloody dawn, sharp and keening. For those lacking in willpower, gazing into her eyes will lock them in place, leaving them helpless to any whim or wish she should have. More often than not, this will lead to procreation somewhere down the line, as she has a deep and burning desire for children.

Nearly every insemination produces a clutch of eggs however, which she proceeds to hand over to the sergeant. He is the only man in the regiment who knows of them as Lavinia is deeply embarrassed that she does not give birth in the normal human manner, and is terrified of what may hatch if they are allowed to live. It is always with great agony that she asks Gallaton to “destroy” them, but a few inevitably seem to find their way eventually to Inquisitor Amber Luaryn Stehle for study. However, for some inexplicable reason, not a single egg has hatched. It has been theorized that the eggs require some chemical signal from Lavinia in order to properly hatch, or that they are have some genetic flaw that inhibits normal growth.  The first theory holds more power because while no eggs have hatched, none have died or decayed either, hinting that they are in a dormant state.

It has also been noted that much like Natat-Tia, Lavinia is growing stronger. Why this is, whether because of her maturing, constant exposure to warfare, or some sort of chemical accumulation, is unclear. What is clear is that Lavinia is “aware” that some of her eggs survived. She repeatedly confides to the sergeant about dreams she has, of her ever growing brood. These include dreams of a nightmare army composed of many creatures in many forms, but all recognizably similar in appearance to Lavinia, and with a particularly large Lavinia at their head that she believes is herself.

Like most of Mutie squad her true specialty is melee combat with her sword, but she is currently the second most capable lasgun shooter in the squad since Natat-Tia can no longer properly use one. 


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