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I really like the idea for this, and the landscape in the background is a nice color to contrast your pale skin and dark red gloves and...

Venuscle Commission by TheMuscleGirlFan
by TheMuscleGirlFan

The pose isnt the most visionary, but its a good one that lets you see she is powerful while still leaving room for her femininity to s...

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All right Guys commissions are open again!

 I will only be working in pencil and ink for these latest commission rounds. Until I can get my tablet working that is. 
All payments will be made to me with Paypal
If you are interested send me a note with details

Pencil Drawings in simple poses such as these examples
 Angela Sanja DeDuergar strength stage 7 by ddd09ish1  Xiangua Wind by ddd09ish1Muscle hair by ddd09ish1MASSIVE Xianghua for Buffy Yuna by ddd09ish1

are $15 dollars

Inkings such as these examples
 Dragons Crown Elf Strength Gain by ddd09ish1 Muslced Leena by ddd09ish1

Are $20 dollars

More complex poses such as these examples
Dragons Crown Amazon Off tilt Brandish by ddd09ish1 Dragons Crown Mermaid Strength Gain by ddd09ish1 Belldandy battle damage supermode by ddd09ish1Tharja Commision by ddd09ish1Inkcall Ruby rose No capes by ddd09ish1
May have a price increase. This is largely dependent on anything else that could be going on in the image, and how difficult the pose was. The image on the far left would still be 15 dollars, but the other two are involve a difficult design element in addition to the pose so would be 20 dollars.  The fourth would be 15 dollars. The fifth has a particularly difficult accessory, so would be 20 dollars

Images that include multiple characters or multiple forms of the same character such as these examples
          Dragons Crown Sorceress FMG by ddd09ish1Avia and Tina: Art trade WIP by ddd09ish1
Will be an additional $5  dollars per character IN addition to any other considerations
*The first image on the left here contains 2 additional characters, 1 of which who is doing a more complex pose. On its own the more complex pose would not be an issue, but with the additional characters make it a minor issue. The total is $30 dollars
*The second image  on the right contains 1 additional Character, but has no complex posing. The total is $20 dollars.

Comic strips are a complicated case where prices vary extremely based on difficulty and figure count, but i always charge a individual price for each page, and for any comics longer then 3 pages a additional 20 dollars per additional page, and there is a flat minimum cost of 10 dollars per page.

Sorceress rough part 1 by ddd09ish1Sorceress rough part 2 version 2 by ddd09ish1Sorceress rough part 3 by ddd09ish1

This first page (starting from the left) is 15 dollars. There are only 3 figures and none were particularly difficult.
The second page in this exais 40 dollars. there are 6 figures, and i have to make an significant effort in panel placement and flow
the third page is 10 dollars. It is a single image with nothing particularly strenuous about it. 
Is three pages, so no additional cost for additional pages
total cost: 15+40+10= 65 dollars

images that include a complex background such as the following 
Dragons Crown Elf Harypy Nursemaid by ddd09ish1 Cinco Fluer by ddd09ish1
will cost an Additional $5 dollars for the background in addition to any other considerations
*The first image on the left also has 4 additional Figures. Total cost is $40 dollars
*the second image on the right has no other considerations. Total cost is $ 20 dollars

Markers and color pencils such as the following
Dragons Crown Red Head Amazon by ddd09ish1 Happy (belated) Birthday B9tribeca! by ddd09ish1
Will cost an additional $10 dollars for color in addition to any other considerations
Both images in this instance would cost $25 dollars. 

As a general rule, I do not charge additional fees for clothing, weaponry, or other accessories. 

When noted, I would like to receive an E-mail  address if you do not wish it to be placed on my deviant art or would like it to be placed on your own. I would also like a website that gives me information on the character, a basic image of the character, a image of how large and powerful you would like the character to be ( I would recommend using my favorite collections as examples) , and any notes on color, posing, inking, or background. I am a university student and the more you help me the more rapidly I can work on your commission. 

All payment will be received by Pay Pal. 

If one DOES NOT want me to post the image on my deviantart, or would simply like more direct access, please provide a email adress. The email is also helpful for keeping you up to date on any changes I make to the image.

Upon receiving all information I will begin work as soon as I am able. Additional information is always welcome. Less information may result in a delay. 

I will ask for payment once I am done with the image. 

The image will be uploaded to my deviantart or sent to your email upon my confirmation of the money having been received.

Note me if you are interested in a commision

If you have any additional questions not directly addressed in the journal please ask them in the messages below or be sure to ask them when noting me .


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I'm really off and on about drawing stuff, but when i do decide to work on something it turns out better then it should for an amatuer.
Favourite genre of music: not country
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Personal Quote: "Why do I get all the crazy's?"

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Awww no replies on Thor vs Medaka? Even though your favoring it! It would be nice to see a comment or even a suggestion to help the project out a bit!
ddd09ish1 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well i think one wierd quirk is the shrinking cape. I get that Thor is getting smaller, but his cape is also shrinking a bit which kinda ofsets the perception that he is shrinking. Her clothing change also confused me for a bit. i didnt even really notice it at first, but once i took a second look i saw that she was not only draining his power, but also his clothing. Well, perhaps draining isnt so good a word there as copying thors clothes. 

As for the actual growth, i think its looking good, but if it wasnt for the giantess bit on the last panel, i probably wouldnt have been able to see much of a size change (apart from the legs. She just looks SWOLLEN with muscle in the legs from part 3 to part 4. Its pretty impressive, but it may be tough to make her any bigger without losing some detail somewhere, or without shifting the proportions of her body to her head. In my experience, shrinking the head, hands, and feet goes a long way towards making a character look bigger without really changing up any other proportions. 

Beyond that im not really sure where to go. I like how even she looks kinda surprised at just how much power she has squeezed out of thor. But from thor and hulk, where do you go in the marvel universe? Galactus? Thing? Titania? There are plenty of heroes that have super strength, but im not sure how many are quite as strong as thor and  hulk. I wonder if she can even find someone strong enough to feed off of at this point, you know?
jsiejkd Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Oh you'll see what happens when a superhero who isn't on par with Thor or The Hulk happens to come by:P As for your suggestion, I'll see what can be done.
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